Kita-in pano

Pacific Aikido is Japan’s premier english Aikido program. Discipline balanced with fun in & around Tokyo since 1991. It is a family-run business and we value the support of our Aikido families. Come and give us a try!


All Pacific Aikido dojos are officially registered with the Aikikai Foundation-Aikido World Headquarters

BST Aikido Club Established 1991
TAC Aikido Club Established 1999
TIS Aikido Club Established 2001
YIS Aikido Club Established 2003
MST Aikido Club Established 2004
ISSH Aikido Club Established 2012

I am deeply humbled having been promoted to 六段 (6th degree black belt) by the Aikido World Headquarters this past Sunday, January 8th. A handful of people were instrumental in bringing this into action, close-friends and family. Thank you for your support, kindness, and caring. I will be sure to earn this and not let you down. My pledge to all Pacific Aikido families is to work harder than ever to improve our program, student development, and my own training. I am very grateful.

“Techniques employ four qualities that reflect the nature of our world. Depending on the circumstance, you should be: hard as a diamond, flexible as a willow, smooth-flowing like water, or as empty as space.”

Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei), the Founder of Aikido

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